I recently purchased my own sword, for use at the SCA, and built a scabbard for it. A scabbard serves two purposes; first as protection for the blade while the sword is stored or in transit, and second it can be used as a defensive weapon while fencing.

The Completed Project

Scabbard holding sword

The completed scabbard holding my sword. The colors were chosen to match the local Barony’s, along with a small (debatably period-appropriate) English flag.

Scabbard beside sword

The scabbard beside my sword, showing that the scabbard length matches the length of the blade, plus a small margin.

Brief Construction Instructions

This is a very simple project!

  • Place the PVC pipe next to your sword and mark a length that will allow the blade to completely fit inside the scabbard. SCA rules require that any scabbard used as a defensive weapon be no more than 2” longer than the blade. However, if you’re only building this for sword storage or display, or other purposed, feel free to select any length you want.

  • Cover one end of the pipe and the inside of the PVC cap with PVC glue, and stick them together.

  • Deburr the cut end of the pipe using a file or similar tool. Burrs don’t look great and could even be slightly sharp.

  • I also filed down the PVC end cap to try and round out all the edges. I couldn’t find one with a rounded end at the local hardware store, so did a bit more filing/rounding than you might need.

  • For decorative purposes, and certainly for use as an SCA weapon, the entire surface must be covered. I used 3 layers of electrical tape, which may not actually be compliant with SCA rules. It’s best to put down at least 1 layer of true duct tape or similar to act as a strong base layer, and then electrical tape can be layered on top for finer decoration.

Bill of Materials

  • 1” diameter PVC pipe, slightly longer than your sword’s blade. Note: If your blade isn’t the same size as mine, you may want narrower or wider pipe.
  • Perhaps a hacksaw to cut the pipe to length.
  • PVC end cap.
  • PVC glue.
  • File to round of edges.
  • Lots of duct tape, electrical tape, etc.