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18 Apr 2017

The ESP8266 micro-controller makes a great Internet-of-Things device. It’s cheap, easy to use (especially via the Arduino IDE), and has been quite reliable for me. Here’s a description of how I used one to allow remote control of my garage door via the Internet.

28 Mar 2017

I recently connected my garage door to the Internet using an ESP8266. More on that topic in another post. This post covers some research I did after discovering that one of my garage doors opened every time the power was removed from the ESP8266 and re-applied.

21 Mar 2017

I recently purchased my own sword, for use at the SCA, and built a scabbard for it. A scabbard serves two purposes; first as protection for the blade while the sword is stored or in transit, and second it can be used as a defensive weapon while fencing.

18 Mar 2017

Like many people, I often read in bed. However, my wife doesn’t really appreciate me having the overhead lights on when she’s trying to sleep. I decided to solve the issue by building a more targeted reading light. Here’s a brief description of the project.

17 Mar 2017

For a while I’ve been meaning to create a place to write up various projects I’ve worked on, or the occasional other topic. Well, here it is!

Google+ and similar site work great for sharing posts, but I wanted something with better formatting and image embedding opportunities to allow more detailed write-ups.

I initially considered using Github Pages, since it’s based around git and Markdown, thus is really simple to set up and use. However, I soon decided I’d rather host it myself, since I already have my own web server. Besides, the engine behind Github pages is Jekyll, and I can quite easily run that myself and get essentially the exact same feature set.